The Happy Manager

The Happy Manager: How to Make Your Team Happy and Increase Productivity

By (author): Adela Masarykova

Happy employees work more effectively and are more productive

Manage your people so that they are engaged and loyal, and they will make their own decisions and perform well.

This book provides you with tips and techniques together with practical steps on how to implement them. Each chapter contains examples drawn from real experience. The book is very practical and to the point and will help you develop your management skills so that you can increase team performance.

The book will help you build an excellent team. It will address the following issues:
-how to teach your people to decide independently and why it is important
-how to increase people’s motivation and loyalty by instilling job meaning
-how to give supportive feedback and when and how to graduate the feedback
-and many more…

Successful companies are built on people who are motivated over the long term and can work independently to achieve the goals and visions of the company.
This book will show you how to build this engaged and productive team.

The book is short and gets directly to the point. No waffle, no padding – just winning techniques with examples.

Download it now and start improving your management skills and team performance today!

Watch video about the book here:

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The Happy Manager

How to Make Your Team Happy and Increase Productivity

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