The Menacing House

A Short Story of Mystery

The Menacing House

Just looking at the house scared her to death. But what could she do? A dare was a dare, she mustered all her courage and tried to convince herself she was brave enough. She took a deep breath, as she climbed the steps up to the Menacing House.

You know the type. There is one in every neighborhood. The home, where it looks like, the occupants left in the middle of the night in a hurried rush. From the street, you peer into its dark dirty windows and you can see the silhouette of the ripped and lopsided curtains. The rustic old curtains trying their best to shield its interior from any spying onlookers. The type of house, whenever you walk by, it seems to give you an electrocuting chill. Instantly, filling you with a foreboding need to hurry past. The house you eyeball, year after year. Watching as it seems to almost vanish, with the passing of time.






The Menacing House (Kindle Edition)

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KG Petrone
I have always been a lover of the dark side, especially after she clawed herself out of the dark deep pits of Hell. She is a survivor of addiction, domestic abuse, and rape. She has turned the tables on these macabre events, by using her life experiences in her favor and incorporates them into her writing. Bravely and openly, she challenges her readers to try and decipher - the true facts - from the fiction.

I have evolved from her past careers extending from a Lead Loss Prevention Associate through to her tenure as a Residential Manager in order to broaden her resume to include Author, Writer, and Poet.

I am a mother of three with an adorable sassy granddaughter. She is a true blue born and raised Jersey Girl. She recently replanted herself high in the Northeast Mountains of Pennsylvania, where she lives with her loving Vietnam Veteran husband, Frank, and their treat hunting pup, Foxie.

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