The Opened Walk

The Opened Walk

Blending Science With Our Spiritual Quests

From the Author of Will the Internet Achieve Sentience, Bill M. Tracer, the rogue philosopher returns with: The Opened Walk: Blending Science With Our Spiritual Quests. In The Opened Walk we find that science and religion need not be at odds with one another, and when working together in harmony, their collaboration can bring greater clarity to our understandings. This work is not the first attempt at such a blending, nor will it be the last. In this book we will explore an open minded path, helping us gain a balanced way of viewing our own belief systems, and then comprehend those beliefs in the greater context of global wakefulness. Invariably such an analysis takes on a comparative religion aspect, as does this work. More seekers find themselves on their own personal spiritual quests, than ever before in human history. Increasingly the traditional religious paths challenge our postmodern sensitivities, leaving us dissatisfied, asking ourselves isn’t there something more? The Opened Walk can serve as a guidebook for the Awakening Age. Not by imposing thoughts upon the reader, but rather by provoking thoughts in them. Mr. Tracer takes us on a probing journey to uncover the pitfalls and snares that separate us in a world with a growing panorama of religious diversity. Then we’ll explore a process that can help us transform the current chaos in the noise of clashing belief systems into the sweet harmony of synchronistic accord. On the Opened Walk, we can journey to a higher and harmonious common ground.






The Opened Walk: Blending Science With Our Spiritual Quests (Paperback)

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The Opened Walk: Blending Science With Our Spiritual Quests (Kindle Edition)

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Bill M. Tracer
Bill M. Tracer, (1957 - and going), rogue philosopher, artist, metaphysicist, Science Fiction enthusiast, ufologist, and writer of that thought provoking stuff, chooses a truth-seekers approach to whatever subject he decides to take on. When he looks it over, expect an honest take with an uncommon frankness, as he breaks down the concepts, and then puts them back together like an engineer of abstract thought. He has a long running fascination with spirituality, the paranormal, unexplained stuff, and metaphysical realms. This fascination influences his writing choices in both the realms of nonfiction and fiction. Bill is currently the VP of ACE non-profit Inc. He has Degrees in Computer Science, Art Education and History. As an artist he now specializes in working with 3D computer graphic art in science fiction, fantasy, UFO, paranormal and spiritual themes. Having an enchantment with fractal geometry, he also creates abstract works enriched with fractal layers. He has a fondness for using many of these fractal abstract creations of his to adorn his nonfiction written works. Over the years, he has created several works of cover art for e-books, comic books, and magazines. In addition to creating his works of digital art, marketed at his Zazzle store, and writing speculative non-fiction, he also enjoys writing science fiction tales. His favorite sub-genre within science fiction is space opera.

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