The Smallest Oasis

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The Smallest Oasis

By (author): Henry Porter

This book is about rejecting Hamitic movements in America and the world. The concept came to him after several decades of studies of the most sound literature, resembling Joseph Conrad. He was glad to turn down more passion, getting out of superdiabolical satispassion. The antiLondonism or antiLondonianism appealed. This reminded him of his novel of Anette Benning: FrankensteinFive, which was a Frankenstein novel in the bizarrely distant future of One Million A.D. One Million A.D. was the sequel of it. Anette Benning and the Third Reich, which was a novel of time travel. The Smallest Oasis was a borrowed title of Nietsche’s Thus Spake Zarathrusta.
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The Smallest Oasis


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