The Sons of Apollyon

The Sons of Apollyon

Elisabeth St. James, (Bets to her friends) is working as an investigative reporter for a news station in small-market Columbus, OH, where she dreams of Network stardom. Her uncle, a 27 year veteran of C.P.D. alerts her to a homicide as gruesome as any of the Whitechapel murders. After the third murder, the glare of the national media shines on her and the dream of working in New York finally appears within reach. Her dream gets off track when she meets Shane Brennan. Claiming to be a Private Investigator hired by one of the victim’s parents, she finds herself falling for him. During the investigation, her dream of working for networks turns into a nightmare. As they discover that a group that calls themselves, “The Sons of Apollyon” are behind the killings. They soon learn that group is devoted to a shadowy leader and has been behind every major event in human history. Imagine being a reporter and knowing who killed J.F.K. Her life becomes more complicated when she learns that Shane is not who he says he is. In fact, he is the true target of the S.O.A. Now; She is caught between two factions that have been at war for 26,000 years. Learning that the angels and demons from the bible were actually vampires was hard enough, thinking she may be dating the son of God was more than she can handle. Once her only worry was how long it would take her to make it to the networks. Now, she holds the sword of God and possibly the fate of mankind in her hands.

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I was born in Steubenville, OH, and I spent my early years listening to the vivid stories of Edgar Allen Poe as told to me by my mother. At age five, my family moved to a small town just south of Pittsburgh, PA where, like my father and my grandfather, I became a passionate fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers.
My family left Pennsylvania in 1973 when once again my dad was transferred, and we had to move. This time to a small town in upstate New York called Vestal. Vestal is the the answer I give when people ask me where I am from. It was the greatest place to grow up. I have friends there that I still talk with almost monthly.

I have always had a fascination with the Vampire genre. Never quite satisfied with the stories I read or the movies that I have watched. I have always dreamed of putting my view of vampires into print.

I stupidly left college before before earning a degree. I decided to move south, where my family had moved. My college became hard knocks and the mean streets of Kentucky. Two years later, I moved to Columbus, Ohio where I met the love of my life, Betsy. We married a short time later and raised two incredible girls, Merissa and Brittany. I had to put my dream of writing on the back burner.

My first novel, The Sons of Apollyon, received wide acclaim and earned several high praise reviews. However, that book would never have been written without my wife Betsy.
Betsy found a faded yellow note pad with the handwritten story of a hooker being killed. She looked at me and said, "This is pretty good. You should try to finish it."


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