The Spaces in Between

The Spaces in Between

Meeting him again years later was not a coincidence, it was meant to be.

As Jannah prepares for the happiest, life-changing moment in her life, she could not be happier, she has everything she could wish for.

However an unfathomable tragedy completely throws Jannah’s fairytale life into a world of deep sorrow and loss.

With heightened emotions and her friendship with her best friend since nursery on the line, Jannah tries her best to work through her grief with the help of some familiar faces and her loving family, but Jannah soon realizes that the person to help you heal is the one person you never thought you would see again. But is it all as it seems?

 This novel looks at how deep you can be affected by grief and also how friendships can be tested during a distressing time.

Hello! Welcome to my page 🙂 I am the author of The Spaces in Between. This is my first book and I have been very fortunate to have it published.

You can buy it on Amazon or download it on to your Kindle. 

In the meantime…here are a couple of teasers…. 


Zahraa Arif
Zahraa Arif born in the United Kingdom, has recently completed her MSc in Counselling Psychology. Her debut novel The Spaces in Between has received much praise and she is looking forward to the journey her writing takes her on.

As well as being a therapist and writer, Zahraa has written many poems of all natures which you can follow on her Instagram page @futurepastpoetry.


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