The Woodworker’s Wife

The Woodworker’s Wife

It is 1950 on the exotic West African coast, in Osu, a close-knit community that prides itself on family closeness and trust. The local families are actually multiple strains of one collective family, established before colonization. Osi, a young but respected member of the community, is at the height of her life, having a man who loves her, an unrivaled education, and a promising future. Moments later, everything changes when secrets emerge and threaten to tear apart a family and destroy the lives of all involved. A small community will learn what happens when irreconcilable differences and secrets threaten to undermine the established principles of family, respect, and forgiveness. Filled with cultural practices so deeply rooted in founders’ beliefs, The Woodworker’s Wife takes the reader deep into an unknown culture and explores what happens when tradition meets change.






The Woodworker’s Wife (Paperback)

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Alfred Attey

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