I Thought You Had A Bigger Dream

Second Edition

A true testament to overcoming insurmountable obstacles, I Thought You Had a Bigger Dream follows the life of Penny Robichaux-Koontz. When Penny was three years old, she was rushed to the hospital, her body limp—the only sound her shrieks of pain. She was diagnosed with polio. The residual effect: complete paralysis. Soon after, Penny’s father, a Marine fighter pilot in the Korean War, went missing in action. Comforting Love, Daddy letters started arriving for Penny from his Marine buddies and the shipmates of the USS Mispillion. Penny, motivated by the love of a mother few could emulate, found that the key for turning tragedy into triumph was to walk through and never give up. By the time Penny was a teenager, she was ready to lead a ‘normal American’ life. Instead, she met more tough challenges. She then approached adult life with excitement and confidence of a bright future but was forced to face new realities. Follow Penny through her rewarding career that takes her from the heights of the Pyrenees Mountains, quaint restaurants in Germany and Spain, exploring the French countryside, and celebrating life. Then a shocking loss takes her to the depths of despair, and her world is rocked once again. In I Thought You Had a Bigger Dream, you will learn what it really means to live a life where dreams do come true through perseverance. ‘A tribute to how motivation, determination, passion, and strength can give purpose to any life when eyes are opened and we look beyond ourselves…and ultimately to a loving God.’ —Joanne King Herring, political activist ‘Penny Robichaux is a remarkable and amazing woman, overcoming the ravages of polio and becoming a strong and loving mentor and mother to so many hurting children. Her book is an account of her journey and will bless you as you read it.’ —Dodie Osteen, cofounder of Lakewood Church










I Thought You Had A Bigger Dream – Second Edition (Paperback)

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Penny Robichaux-Koontz
Penny is an author, (whose story has been featured on national TV, chronicled in newspapers and told in local and national magazines) artist, teacher, inspirational speaker and business woman who traveled nationally and internationally launching businesses and coaching in the health and fitness industry.

Completely paralyzed in 1952 at the age of three from polio. However, with her mother's guidance and her own determination, she overcame the first bout of this disease. In the early 1980's she was struck with post polio syndrome and a devastating prognosis ~ "you will never walk again."

In 1991, Penny established a homeless shelter in Rosenberg, Texas, receiving the prestigious Jefferson Award for public and community service in 1993.

Penny is the founder of Jacob's House, Inc., a home for children that operates outside the norm but inside a circle of love, laughter and discipline, providing a unique environment for the children who call it home.

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