Thriller: NUKES: The case of the nuclear terrorists (A Sean Ryan Story Book 1)

By (author): Charles LoPinto, Lidia LoPinto

Juliana, Hispanic leftist environmentalist teams with Sean, a right winged Irish cantankerous ex narc and soon sparks fly as a typical undercover operation becomes a struggle with domestic nuclear terrorists. Washington sends no help as usual… Read this exciting book

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Julie & Sean meet for the first time to investigate ocean polluters in Alaska. However, they stumble upon a clandestine nuclear weapons operation and, with no backup from D.C. or help, have to figure out how to escape certain death in the freezing Alaskan wilderness.

An over the hill ex-narc, Sean Ryan drank himself into nearly being fired. But fortunately, a new department at the FBI, headed by Ana Gutierrez needs someone with skills and brawn to help them conduct dangerous environmental terrorists investigations.

Things couldn’t be worse for Sean, who considers this a demotion, when he is teamed up with a naïve, rookie, Juliana Del Rio, a lab rat whose only skills are filing court papers and analyzing data. To boot, Julie is arrogant, and just as stubborn as Sean. She has been waiting for this chance all her life to catch the environmental crooks and thinks she knows it all.

Their first case annoys Sean no end. He is an ex-soldier with years of experience in the field. They are to pose as husband and wife on a cruise liner in Alaska to catch a crooked captain who is dumping toxic materials overboard for profit. Sean and Julie bicker constantly and Sean decides to have fun making passes her just to laugh at her exaggerated reactions.
But the FBI was wrong and this was not just an ocean dumping case. The couple stumbles on a nuclear traffic operation and dangerous terrorists who take no prisoners. The ocean is vast and their bodies might never be found. The couple has to start working together to figure a way to escape and survive certain death.

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Thriller: NUKES

The case of the nuclear terrorists (A Sean Ryan Story Book 1)

Thriller: NUKES – A Sean Ryan Story: The Case of the Nuclear Terrorists (Audible Audiobook)

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Thriller: Nukes: The case of nuclear terrorists (A Sean Ryan Story) (Volume 1) (Paperback)

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Lidia LoPinto
Lidia & Charles Lopinto have been writing novels for the last 10 years. They are both engineers and write novels to bring awareness of environmental threats. They recently have teamed up with other writers to publish "books that matter" at

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