In Times of Financial Troubles

In Times of Financial Troubles

Biblical Verses 3

In Times of Financial Troubles: Biblical Verses 3

Psalm 45:1“My heart is stirred by a noble theme as I recite my verses for the king; my tongue is the pen of a skilful writer.”

“Financial troubles in a person’s life are caused by circumstances, like; evil forces of the dark spiritual realm like the spirit of lack and poverty, war, social and economic instability in countries, economic recessions and financial market crushing, natural disasters, unforeseeable disasters, other people’s evil doings against others, hearts and mind and hands that denies justified compensation to those who deserve, robbery, loss of jobs, brokenness of businesses, human conflicts like envy, malice and hatred, divorce, terminal, chronic and rare illnesses, wrong choices and mistakes made by individuals in their own financial matters and failure to save. The list goes on and on and each person afflicted by financial troubles has a peculiar circumstance or situation.”

This book of anointed verses for powerful financial healing is meant to draw people closer to God in matters concerning their finances and lacking. In everything to do with economical gains or losses, this book is healing and opens the mouth of the reader in supplication, asking from God and drinking his Word of giving in the form of his living and active Word from the Holy Bible. Metaphysical? If there is something you are failing to understand concerning your finances, turn to God Almighty for healing. These financial healing verses will become fruitful and fulfilling, removing and eradicating the spirit of poverty and lack from your life. Practical! When you listen, and follow the pattern and guidance in the verses, and do what the Word of God commands you to do, you breakthrough, there is good change. Supernatural! The floodgates of heaven will be unlocked and opened for you as the Word of God speaks to you, protects you in the areas that bring finances to your life and heal you with a smooth pouring of financial blessing healing flow that washes away and removes the spirit of lack from your life. The order of things will be rightly connected for you by God Almighty himself who causes a chain reaction of goodwill in your financial circumstances. You do not have to live a stressful and a losing life in terms of finances. You need to trust in God’s protecting and healing power in everything and your heart, mind and life will be stabilized and be at great peace as you absorb the contents of this healing book. Dwell in these financial healing verses in this book and you will be joyful with thanksgiving to God Almighty who is the Word that is living and active in your life and for your life. We know that the world was created by God, the earth and everything in it belongs to God and he is able to give and to protect, causing things to change from negative to positive.






In Times of Financial Troubles: Biblical Verses 3 (Kindle Edition)

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Stellah Mupanduki
The Writer, Stellah Mupanduki is a Charismatic Pentecostal Christian/Interdenominational... and a predestined Author of God Almighty. She has a miracle working Ministry for healing founded through the anointing power of the Holy Spirit. The essential principle she gives emphasis to and finds viable through her work is that there is hope for terminal illness and it is healed through Jesus Christ our Saviour. She holds a Bachelors of Arts degree from the University of Zimbabwe(UZ) and a BCom (Specializing in Risk Management) from the University of South Africa (UNISA) and a Computer Business Application Specialist (Microsoft Office Certification). Her Writing Ministry does not teach you how to live with a disease or how to take care of your disease, rather, it removes that disease itself or problem and uniquely brings true and actual healing in a permanent way because of the presence of the Holy Spirit...Hence, it takes away the grave, death sentences, fear, helplessness, disappointments and the scares of untimely death by removing and eradicating diseases called terminal illness, rare and incurable diseases. The Holy Spirit/Feeling of the wounds of Christ/Sacred heart is the greatest and unique person who has enabled the founder to operate and to write nervous system touching and healing, cleansing and protecting books that bring healing help to the hopeless and helpless depending upon his work and guidance that reaches out to the world. There is that holy divine purity in her work. And there is compassion and love for human life in these books. The love of music has helped her connect with the higher power of God that touches people and bring change in their lives. To be generous and kind at heart is a gift from God. Triune God as in God the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. Three in One and One in three...Being used by God Almighty has made her realize how far-reaching God`s love is through Jesus Christ our Saviour. For a person who is terminally ill, these books should be read on their own. Point of strength is: Whether you are sick or in good health, the Stellah Mupanduki books, written and breathed by the Holy Spirit of God, thoroughly cleanses your body system, strengthens your bones and muscles, purifies your flesh and blood and strengthens your immune system and makes your life dwell in the presence of God Almighty. Make it a life habit to read and be cleansed and rejuvenated in body, soul and life for the rest of your life until you go to eternity. Fellowship with God in his unique ways and be happy, protected and be peaceful and secure in your life. It is God's will and purpose for you to live well and be in good health and be fully protected in every area of your life. In her work and writing, the Holy Spirit of a Sovereign God touches readers with his permanent and supernatural healing flow and presence and makes them well. It is good and advisable for any person to take a step of faith and humility by reading the unique and helpful Stellah Mupanduki healing books in order to encounter God in his Sovereignty and be healed by just reading.

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