To Mars To Stay

To Mars To Stay

To Mars To Die

Valles Marineris, Mars: AD 2047

Eric Sheffield stood at a rocky outcropping overlooking Eos Chasma. The huge gorge, near the eastern end of Valles Marineris, stretched before him imposingly. By comparison, this enormous valley made the Grand Canyon of Earth look like a small riverbed. The weather lingered calm that day. Eric noticed a diminutive dust cloud momentarily lift, and then drift far off within the deep ravine. Like those shifting Martian sands, his mind wandered in placid reverie, soaking up the breathtaking view.

Bill M. Tracer, the rogue philosopher, artist, metaphysicist, Science Fiction enthusiast, and writer of that thought provoking stuff, conveys a cautionary science fiction tale looking at how a step that seems so right, to expand the horizons of Human exploration, might too easily descend into a misstep, spiraling down the hole of reckless abandon of the mind, body and soul.

On a solitary scouting excursion near Valles Marineris Base, Eric Sheffield, engineer, and scout on the third Tellurian mission to Mars discovered an unexpected mesmerizing alien artifact. How will this mind altering alien technology affect Eric? What impact might it have on the other crew members of the Valles Marineris Base? And what further influences could be coming from the deep subsurface halls of the well hidden Martian Myripods, joined in telepathic collective, remotely watching Eric and his fellow Human explorers invading the surface of their home world, Mars? Will the Martian Myripods be forced to deal harshly with these Human invaders, like they did with the small grey beings who last tried to invade the Martian surface many centuries before?

Also included in this book, you will find the bonus short story, “Hello I, This is H.”

After enduring many revisions, the Novella, “To Mars To Stay: To Mars To Die”, has been a work in progress for a considerable amount of time. At one time, this work fit into a plan for inclusion in an anthology collection of stories about various stages of human expansion into outer space, starting within our own native star system, and then moving on further to the stars beyond our own. Unfortunately, many of the other stories for that anthology idea never made it beyond the brainstorm stage. If they ever are revived by any of the writers working in the shared Cosmographic Universe, maybe someday the Tellurian Expansion Anthology will be a dream realized. However, in the meantime, until that day comes the closest we can presently get to that anthology means the inclusion of the bonus short story, “Hello I, This is H.”, which fits into the theme of our expansion into outer space. Consider the inclusion of this bonus short story, dear reader, a little taste of what could someday be more.






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Bill M. Tracer
Bill M. Tracer, (1957 - and going), rogue philosopher, artist, metaphysicist, Science Fiction enthusiast, ufologist, and writer of that thought provoking stuff, chooses a truth-seekers approach to whatever subject he decides to take on. When he looks it over, expect an honest take with an uncommon frankness, as he breaks down the concepts, and then puts them back together like an engineer of abstract thought. He has a long running fascination with spirituality, the paranormal, unexplained stuff, and metaphysical realms. This fascination influences his writing choices in both the realms of nonfiction and fiction. Bill is currently the VP of ACE non-profit Inc. He has Degrees in Computer Science, Art Education and History. As an artist he now specializes in working with 3D computer graphic art in science fiction, fantasy, UFO, paranormal and spiritual themes. Having an enchantment with fractal geometry, he also creates abstract works enriched with fractal layers. He has a fondness for using many of these fractal abstract creations of his to adorn his nonfiction written works. Over the years, he has created several works of cover art for e-books, comic books, and magazines. In addition to creating his works of digital art, marketed at his Zazzle store, and writing speculative non-fiction, he also enjoys writing science fiction tales. His favorite sub-genre within science fiction is space opera.

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