Twin Tails of Mason Beach

Twin Tails of Mason Beach

Twin Tails Series Book 1

What led Mateo and Marnie Pérez to the greatest treasure they could hope for? Twin baby girls come into their life in the most extraordinary way, but they soon find out that their discovery is even more mystical than they thought! Join the Pérez family in Twin Tails of Mason Beach as they learn first-hand about love and family–and how to protect their unusual secret. Will the world find out? Is there something even more magical and dangerous around the corner? Find out as you read the TWIN TAILS of Mason Beach.

Twin TailsTwin Tails back

Twin Tails of Mason Beach (The Twin Tails Series) (Volume 1) (Paperback)

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CILLYart is the pen-name for Cindy Millet Bowles, an experienced early childhood education teacher (K -3), mother, and grandmother that is using her passion in storytelling and illustration to create fun stories for early readers, their families, and fellow teachers to use with students. She focuses on fun storytelling and illustrations to hook the interest of young children in reading development and using their own imaginations! CILLYart4U is the business of sharing her creations of art, children's books and more with emergent readers and all of you !


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