The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Writing Personal Statement Essay

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Writing Personal Statement Essay

Every student who dreams to continue education in the foreign college or university needs to understand how to write a personal statement essay. The matter is that this piece of writing is an important part of the application documents package and none of the universities will accept your application without this statement. It means that without a personal statement, you will not be able to apply for the scholarship.

The necessity of personal statement is obvious for everyone who did the research on how to apply for studying abroad or for studying at top-rated universities or colleges. So, you need to take some time to write an effective essay to get the benefits in the nearest future.

A personal statement is your representation. Of course, an admission board is interested in your academic achievements but it is also important for them to understand what kind of a person you are. That is why, when working on your personal statement, you need to understand what information to include and what to avoid in order to impress the board and get a chance to become a student.

We’ve created this cheat sheet to help you with writing a statement and give you a brief overview of the most important features and points.

1. Make it personal

A personal statement should never include some general things about all students and all fields of research. Here, you are the main character and you need to explain to your audience (an admission board) why you are the person who should get the scholarship or become a student. Your personality is the most powerful weapon here. The biggest mistake you can make with writing a personal statement is take someone’s essay and re-write it according to the demands of the admission board. Keep in mind that you can lose your chance for the better future if you forget about ‘personal’ part of your essay.

2. Learn the demands

Another important thing for writing an effective essay is to understand what exactly the admission board wants from you. The demands may be different, from the topics and ideas for discussion in your statement to the formatting which can be the most important aspect for the board. Before you start to write a statement, make sure that you understand all the demands.

3. Describe your strong points

Your statement should be not only personal but it should also describe your strongest features. You need to include your strengths in such a way, so the admission board understands that you are the one who should take the vacant position for a scholarship. However, you should never just list your strengths but also prove that they are really your strong points. Support every strong point with your achievements. This will help you create a proper impression on your readers.

4. Use the program

When you apply for a certain program, you definitely know its aspects and details. We recommend that you create your statement on the basis of the program. If the program requires certain specific skills, make sure that you’ve added them to your statement. Use every possibility to prove that you are the one who suits this position perfectly.

5. Include only important facts

There is a tendency to write long personal statements and include everything about the previous achievements (even if these achievements have nothing to do with studying). When writing a personal statement for a college, students frequently include such information as the age when they started to read and their achievements in primary school. These are good facts to impress your granny and make your mother proud but they are absolutely useless for the admission board.

6. Make it short

A personal statement should not be long. Make it short but effective, using every sentence and word to reach the audience. Once you find proper words, you will not need several pages to write your advantages and strong points. Shortness is one of the tools that make your statement different from other statements, thus the admission board will pay attention to it.

7. Never lie

Even if you want to look better than you are, never lie. It is easy to check whether a person lies or not, especially if you lie about your achievements. Besides, writing a personal statement is only the first step and during the face to face meeting, you may get into the uncomfortable situation where the admission board understands that you do not have the skills that you have mentioned in the statement.

When writing a personal statement, you should always remember that it must correspond to the demands of a university or college. It must contain all important information that describes your personal and professional qualities, your achievements, and your plans. Use our brief cheat sheet not to forget the most important aspects of an effective statement!

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