I bought myself an umbrella

From the shop just down the street.

I didn’t think anyone else wanted it,

But I thought it rather sweet.

It was once bright red, but now like rust,

With a spoke, bent and rusting too.

And to the right, above my head,

There was a hole for the rain to fall through.

When I bought myself this umbrella,

The shop owner repressed a smile.

“I can’t imagine why you’d want it,” said he,

“It’s been knocking around for a while.”

“Because it smells like stories,” I replied,

“And of books that have never been read.

“And I believe whatever the weather,

“That’s something I’d want above my head.”

The man gave a shrug and took my change,

And he offered me a bag.

“To protect your hair in the storm outside,” he claimed,

“It’s better than that rag.”

I thanked him politely but declined,

And opened the umbrella once I’d left his space.

It made me smile as the stories fell

Like raindrops on my face.

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Poppy Hollingworth
Poppy Hollingworth

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