By (author): John K. O’Brien

Stories from Your Future

The complex issue of climate change is one that our race is struggling to address. The solutions are not beyond us in any way. Technological solutions exist, scientific knowledge is plentiful, the world can afford the transition but still significant action eludes us. Rational arguments for rapid action abound. We do not need any more of those. What is needed is a different way of communicating that inspires and attracts the widest possible group of humans towards wanting to travel on this same journey.

As part of the VISIONS 2100 Project, this book tells of the power of Visions and invites the reader to create and share their own vision of a better world. Only by starting conversations of the future will we manage to build the world that we really want.

The book balances worries about catastrophe with social and environmental improvements by referencing psychology, management thought, case studies and personal anecdotes. In also references the parallels between the world’s journey and coping with the chronic illness of the author’s wife.

The book is framed around eighty short visions by some of the world’s leading environmental thinkers including Mary Robinson, Christiana Figueres, Bill McKibben, Connie Hedegaard, Yvo de Boer and many others.

Having a vision of a better world is likely to result in the world being better.

‘Poverty is eradicated. Every child goes to school regardless of sex, race, religion or place of birth. Every woman enjoys equality with every man. Every household has access to energy. In 2100, the world is just.’
Mary Robinson, Special Envoy on Climate Change, United Nations

‘Opportunity from 2100 forward is unimaginably vast and incredibly varied.’
Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary, UNFCCC

‘Timing is everything, and it hurts to think we blew it.’
Bill McKibben,

The future is a beautiful, if challenging, partner. Your choice is whether you take the risk in having a first date or whether you are happy to accept a life of regret.

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Stories from Your Future

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