Watching Their Dance

Watching Their Dance

Three Sisters, a Genetic Disease and Marrying into a Family At Risk for Huntington’s

Huntington’s disease, considered the cruelest disease on our planet is the Marin family secret that the three sisters, Lora, Marcia and Cindy, discover when they visit an aunt they have not seen in years. The story begins with John Marin, their brother, and Therese Crutcher, his fiancé, learning of the news that the siblings have a 50/50 chance of inheriting the disease which has no therapy or cure. The news shakes Therese to her core, and she questions her engagement to John. After much soul searching, Therese takes the biggest gamble of her life and marries the love of her life knowing the possible consequences of her decision; at least two of the Marin siblings will fall prey to the disease and one of them could be John. Watching Their Dance is the first book to show the challenges a family experiences when living at risk for a neurodegenerative disease which has symptoms similar to ALS, Alzheimers and Parkinson’s. The book chronicles the life of John and Therese, over thirty years, as they journey through life shrouded in the uncertainty of Huntington’s disease. The story explores how living at risk for Huntington’s impacts their life on a daily basis, how Huntington’s is a factor in every important decision, how it impacts relationships, and addresses the coping skills Therese uses to manage and survive unimaginable stress and anxiety. Their lives were filled with unpredictability and pain, and yet full of love, good times, and great joy. Therese discovers acknowledging that her world could change overnight has made her life much richer. She learns to overlook shortcomings and to compromise, to let go of anger, to find joy in the simple things. The Marin siblings taught her—and can teach readers—about embracing life, forgiveness, and unconditional love.






Watching Their Dance: Three Sisters, A Genetic Disease and Marrying into a Family At Risk for Huntington’s (Kindle Edition)

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Watching Their Dance:: Three Sisters, a Genetic Disease and Marrying into a Family At Risk for Huntington’s (Paperback)

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Therese Crutcher-Marin
Therese Crutcher-Marin graduated from California State University, Long Beach with a Masters of Science in Healthcare Administration. Helping others is her passion and she worked twenty years in the healthcare industry, ten of those years in hospice care. Through the years she listened to her patients stories and was compelled to share her powerful, heartfelt love story that challenged, inspired and ultimately lead to her survival. Watching Their Dance: Three Sisters, A Genetic Disease and Marrying into a Family At Risk for Huntington’s, validates her belief that mindfulness, living in the moment, allows us to fully experience our life. Therese was not a risk taker, never coloring outside the lines, but when she took a leap of faith, the biggest gamble of her life, she learned to love deeply and unconditionally. Her motto, “tomorrow is not promised to anyone”, is forever etched in her mind.
Therese and her husband, John, are donating 100% of the proceeds from the book to Huntington’s disease organizations around the world. This is their way to help fight Huntington’s disease and support families challenged with the disease. HD is a rare disease so the book is also a tool to heighten awareness, hopefully creating more interest that will result in an increase in donations.
Therese lives in Northern California with her husband, John, the surviving sibling of a family devastated by Huntington’s disease. Both are retired and give their time to local non-profits and issues close to their heart, i.e. homelessness, Placer Land Trust, PlacerArts, Huntington’s disease. Therese is now a board member on the HDSA Northern California Chapter.

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