Wedding Tales: Book One: Love’s Journey (A Rebecca Butler & Khalil Khoury Novel 2)

By (author): Mary Sullivan Esseff

You asked for it: Here it is:
The SEQUEL to The Butterfly & The Snail

Wedding Tales continues the magic of the inspirational love story told in Mary Sullivan Esseff’s previous book, The Butterfly & The Snail. On January 29, 1966, as Rebecca Butler and Khalil Khoury exchange vows, an unexpected blizzard piles up snow so deep that it shuts down the East Coast for a week. Snowed in family members pass the time by sharing tales of why their ancestors emigrated to America. Wedding Tales, Book One: Love’s Journey contains stories of Rebecca’s German and Khalil’s Lebanese ancestors who underwent religious persecution, murder, and treachery that forced them to leave their homelands.

Wedding Tales, Book One: Love’s Journey provides stories of Rebecca and Khalil’s ancestors who overcome great hardships while they display courage and fortitude in the face of horrific events. In the late 1800s, Rebecca’s German ancestors experience murder and attempted rape by the son of a wealthy German nobleman. Khalil’s Lebanese forbears face massacre resulting from marauding renegade soldiers during the last years of the Ottoman Empire.

Despite how terribly they are injured, we learn how both sets of ancestors forgive those who wronged them. The ability to forgive their enemies seems almost miraculous. Is it this forgiveness that enables their ancestors’ to survive and grow as they face the inevitable hardships in their new lives in North America?

The account does not end here. In the sequel, Wedding Tales, Book Two: Honeymoon Caper resumes the suspense-building saga of Rebecca and Khalil on their honeymoon as well as the ongoing journeys of their predecessors’ journey to America. In Wedding Tales, Rebecca and Khalil display the strength and resiliency of their ancestors.

Although these events took place over a hundred years ago, the same issues are evident in the world today: the plight of immigrants fleeing from terror in their homelands, facing cultural differences in the new world, overcoming prejudice and intolerance, finding employment that pays a living wage, and more. Anyone who experiences intolerance or prejudice, whether as an immigrant or a native-born citizen, will identify with the struggles of Rebecca and Khalil and their ancestors. Readers are sure to gain invaluable insights from how the characters resolve and overcome adversities.

If you didn’t read The Butterfly & The Snail, the first novel in the trilogy, be sure to get that one, too.

Based on a true story, the author interweaves fact with fiction so skillfully that you will be asking constantly: Is this true? What about this? Go to the Forum Section at the bottom of the page and begin a discussion. The author is happy to interrelate with you and discuss various themes throughout the book.

If you find any typos or errors, please let the author know. She is defenseless against the various quirks that arise when working with HTML and various other programs designed to beat even the most ardent author into a babbling mass of melted clay. Be kind and let the author know the bugs in the book or what bugs you about the book. It will be fixed or provide great fodder for discussion. Thanks. Enjoy. Also available in soft and hard cover.

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Wedding Tales, Book One

Love’s Journey (A Rebecca Butler & Khalil Khoury Novel)

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Mary Sullivan Esseff
Mary Sullivan Esseff was born in 1943 in Philadelphia, PA. She met her husband, Peter, in 1964 in Salzburg, Austria while she was enrolled in a study program through Georgetown University. She graduated from Chestnut Hill College in 1965. Married in 1966 to Peter, together they founded their training company, Educational Systems for the Future (ESF) in 1969. In 1972, Mary received a Ph.D. in Instructional Technology from the Catholic University of America. Drs. Esseffs co-authored a series of books, PowerPoint presentations and software to teach people how to develop instructional materials, teach interactively, conduct a needs analysis and manage a training department, all leading to the professionalization of training in government and industry. In 2005, she was honored by Chestnut Hill College to be a Charter Member of the Libris Society. Members were selected because they exemplified one or more of the qualities celebrated in the College's motto Fides-Caritas-Scientia (Faith - Charity - Knowledge). Her first fictional work, "Love Made Visible," a short story, was published in 2000 in the Anthology "Three Naked Ladies Playing Cellos," an arpeggio of works from a group of on-line writers who met through a writers' website, Darkstormy. She lives with her husband, Peter, in Tampa, FL. They have three children and three grandchildren.


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