Winning in the Middle of the Pack

Winning in the Middle of the Pack: Realizing True Success in Business and in Life

By (author): David Richman

Throughout our lives, we are told by our parents, teachers, and bosses what we need to accomplish in order to achieve success. As a result, we often live our lives trying to prove things to other people – and we completely forget about proving things to ourselves.

For 37 years, David Richman mostly did what was expected of him, and the results weren’t pretty. He was an overweight, sedentary smoker in an unhappy marriage with an uninspiring middle-management job simply doing whatever he was told.

Then one day, David decided to take charge. He stopped trying to fix an unfixable relationship, quit smoking, and attempted to run a mile without stopping. Soon he was running, biking, and swimming long distances, and seeking out ways he could push his limits and prove things to himself. Over the next 10 years, he completed hundreds of endurance events, including Ironman triathlons, ultra-marathons, and a 24-hour run in honor of his beloved sister. He never took home a trophy or stood on a podium, but as a result of taking charge of his life, he became a better Wall Street manager, a better father, and a healthier and happier person.

In Winning in the Middle of the Pack, David shows you how to push forward when nobody’s paying attention, when the only person who cares is you, and when you are free to become extraordinary for yourself. More than a self-help guide and more than a memoir, this book is an emotional and inspiring journey of self-realization and accomplishment told through valuable lessons learned in endurance athletics, business, and life.
What can you possibly become? Take the first step and find out….

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Winning in the Middle of the Pack: Realizing True Success in Business and in Life (Paperback)

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Winning in the Middle of the Pack

Realizing True Success in Business and in Life

David Richman

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