Yellow Slide Mysteries

Yellow Slide Mysteries


Melissa Hudson was playing on the yellow slide while her mommy watched.
Melissa climbed to the upper level and scooted into the slide.
But, Janet Hudson never saw her daughter come out at the bottom of the slide!

Her parents searched everywhere —
in theplay area, in the restaurant, in the rest rooms, even outside.
Four year old Melissa had

The following morning another child disappeared  –others the next afternoon.  In just four days, fourteen children had gone missing from the city’s fast food play areas.

In his twenty years on the force, Detective Wilkins had never seen a stranger case.

Where had these children gone?  How was Wilkins going to find them?  And who was this mystery playmate they called Mikey?



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Web Weber. I can’t say that I always wanted to be a writer. It was more of an occasional thing for me. It was interspersed with a lot of other dreams & goals. Some of those goals I realized, some partially, & some not at all. But my occasional writing impulse finally overtook me. I’m glad it did.

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