Most book covers sort of capture the characters but in Zane, holy lord the book cover captures him 100% in my mind and what a imagination he insights! Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately every other woman in his vicinity thinks the same thing!

Seriously, check him out! OMG, hot.

ZANE (Pleasure Extraordinaire: Part 1) (Kindle Edition)

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In ‘Zane‘ by Liv Bennett we are treated with the spin off to the ‘Pleasure Extraordinaire’ series which I’ve read and found hot as hell. Twisted? Yes. Smutty? Oh God yes. But in ‘Zane’ we get to spend more time with the brother after we followed the story line between Ace and Lindsay in ‘Pleasure Extraordinaire‘. More smutty time!

With Zane we enter with a bit of a confusing story line. Confusing in the fact that I will say that I didn’t know exactly where the story was going to go and who to pull for, who to hate and who to look out for. It was truly a freeing feeling to not know the lock stock and barrel story line and a easy way to enjoy the entire read.

In reading this book I went right from book one to book two without even thinking twice about it. It was like my life was incomplete or something by not going from one to the other. Of course that is a bit dramatic but you get the gist of how you just cannot stop the series right in the middle. Thankfully, I didn’t feel like the author was forcing me to book two just for sales either. It was simply a natural progression from book one to two, not a sales progression.

I can’t lie either, this is one hell of a hard review to write without giving away some spoilers. I didn’t even give out spoilers on my own blog review of this article ( So much happens that you just want to talk about something! lol But in ‘Zane’ we get to spend some wonderful time with some very colorful and troubled characters. One additional character that we see more of in the book is Julie, Zane’s treasured executive assistant that has been with the family for years.

Zane of course is the most gorgeous of gorgeous. I went to Mexico once and at night the hubby and I walked the streets by several very trendy bars that I would never in a million years feel comfortable in because I am not nearly sophisticated nor beautiful enough to even think I could fit in. This is the world that Zane lives in, beautiful women throwing themselves at him daily. He phrased it perfectly “I’m drowning in women, up to my neck in them” – something along those lines which totally sums him up.

He doesn’t play games, he doesn’t lead them on, he simply is what he is and that is irresistible which he neither denies himself or the women he is with. ~Could you imagine that being your daily life? I bet it would be exciting for maybe a week…OK maybe a bit longer than that but you see where I am going. That sort of lifestyle is hard to keep going forever and in ‘Zane’ you find him looking to end that lifestyle and settle down. Granted this is easier said that done but with Julie helping him out how can he go wrong?

I highly recommend not only the first book in this particular series but also book two. Both are equally interesting and riddled with enough smut to have it oozing out of your ears. As mentioned recommend ‘Pleasure Extraordinaire’ as well but I’ve also read ‘Blinding Love‘ which was absolutely a new and fresh story line. That one really hit me hard because I did not see any of it coming. Great writing all around!

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Yeah, I’m the one who would rather be reading than doing basically anything like sleeping, eating, drinking…well, I can drink and read actually. I’m a multi-tasker like that. The only things that tears me away from my books (free books only mind you…because I’m broke as joke) are my kids and the hubby and work but I have to say that about work so I don’t get fired. They don’t know that I read while I wait in between meetings, on lunch breaks, during lunch breaks, especially if one of my friends goes to the bathroom and leaves me all alone, and any other free chance that I get.


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