10 New Tools for Essay Writing

Writing essays isn’t easy. It takes a certain way to write a readable easy, and having tools to assist you in this makes this rigorous task easy. The following are online writing tools that can help you reach your full writing potential.


The first issue that arises in essay writing, is knowing how to go about it. An essay isn’t like any other piece of writing, it has its own rules and conventions that it adheres to. So if you do not know how to write an essay then this is the site for u as it guides on how to write essays, it gives a detailed way of how to write an essay. This site is your best way on how to start essay writing.


Now you have learned how to write an essay, what next? Writing.com has the answer to that. The site gives you pointers on how to write better essays, it has contests that you can participate in to improve you writing and if you lack the motivation to write it can also help with that. This site has all that you could possibly need to improve your writing and measure up with others from around the globe.


The easy essay is a web-based program that helps you solve this problem by organizing your essay for you in the appropriate format. The site is automated so all you need to do is upload your essay and the website will organize it for you in the best way possible. It is free to use and can be used by all, children and adults alike. You can access the site directly on a web browser on your PC or MAC, as well as on your smartphone (supports Apple, Android, and Windows platforms).

4.Thesis Builder

Writing the thesis part of an essay has to be the hardest part of an essay as this is the part that introduces your essay to your readers. It can be described as a small window to a very large house, if you get it right the person would want to enter the house to see more of it. However, if you get it wrong, then the person may opt not to look inside your house. Thesis builder helps you in writing a better thesis for your essay. It is the perfect tool for the job as it will come up with an intuitive thesis to your essay which will make you essay more enjoyable.


You write an essay and sometimes you get stuck and wonder what to do. You don’t have anyone to ask help from, so now you are stuck with your problem all alone. Well, fear not, the essay forum helps you get answers to any query you have regarding essays. All you to do is post your question and people will help you get the answers you need. This site crowdsources the answers for you thus, you end up getting plenty of answers to choose from.

6.Essay Map

Let’s say you have an idea for an essay but you don’t know how to go about it. You have no clue whatsoever on how to write this essay. Essay map helps you create a map on how to write your essay. This tool is a real life saver for when you don’t know how to go about your essay. You input basic idea of your essay and it arranges a road map for you on how to go about writing the essay. It will also provide you with various tools that you may need to get the job done.


You have written your essay and some of your content may come from the already written material. You don’t know how to acknowledge it, and you don’t want to plagiarize someone’s work. What do you do then? Did you quit perhaps? Take a risk and plagiarize and hope to get away with it? There is no need to take unnecessary risks. RefME helps you reference your essay and creates bibliographies for the reference. This tool can really help when you want to acknowledge someone else’s work that can be found in your work.

8.Today’s Best College Essays

You have been writing essays for a while and want to see how others out there write compared to you. Today’s College Essays helps you do that. Through this site, you can view other people’s essays from around the world and get fresh ideas on how to write better essays that can really attract an audience. There are perhaps hundreds of thousands of essay to choose from and the best part is there are also over thirty languages to choose from. What more could you ask for?

9.Guide to Grammar And Writing

Grammar isn’t the easiest part of any language and being an expert on it takes time and practice. Since you are yet to become a guru in this area, Guide to Grammar and Writing can act as a teacher for the time being. As the name suggests, it’s a guide on how to improve your grammar and writing. It can really assist you to proofread your essay, check if your grammar is on point, and if you need assistance with any part of your writing. This site also gives you pointers on how to improve your overall writing; it can act a powerful tool to up your essay writing game.

10.Guide to Writing A Basic Essay

This has to be one of the perfect tools out there for beginners. Guide to writing a basic essay helps you in getting started on how to write essays in the most basic of forms. The sites give you an in-depth guide to the very basics of essay writing, from the dos and don’t is to the pros and cons of essay writing. It also gives you the basic structure of an essay and explains to you why you should opt for certain methods of writing compared to others. If you are a beginner, take a look at this site to assist you in taking your very first steps in essay writing.


These are but a few of the many tools that can help you get started or improve your essay writing skills. There are more tools out there that can assist you in improving your essay writing skills. Nothing makes a writer better at his or her work than constantly looking for new ways to improve. For even more information on this topic, go to BeforeWriting.

Happy essay writing!


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