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Chandler Scott Book 1

Chandler Scott, a rising TV journalist, tries to connect the dots in a country mired in another financial crisis. Cyber terrorists add to the flames of fear. The public yearns for help from its leaders who respond in ways previously unimagined. Politics and economics collide during the Presidential election of 2020. Chandler uncovers a dark, far-reaching conspiracy that plants the seeds for the next crisis, a crisis that will shape the future of the United States of America and the world. 2020 is a fusion of historical events with a near-term look at the future. The chilling thriller is so convincing in its accuracy that readers will wonder when the events will transpire.



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Jaime "Jim" Mosquera was born in Panama City, Panama. He spent his formative years in Panama City and St. Louis, Missouri. He graduated near the top of his class from the University of Missouri-Columbia with Masters and Bachelors degrees in Industrial Engineering. His Master's thesis focused on Operations Research and computer simulation of real-world systems ranging from vehicular traffic to hospitals.

After college, he entered the world of telecommunications. He served in a variety of roles including engineering, sales, sales support, product development, and training. In 2004, he received a patent for a software application he developed with a colleague.

He furthered his education by successfully completing the requirements for a Series 3 license (Commodity Trading Advisor). Mr. Mosquera actively traded commodities and developed proprietary software programs used in options and futures trading.

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