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Promocave.com has more than 150,000 authors and up to 3 Million Social Interactions per day with book readers.

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For Authors: You can use Promocave.com to find readers and build your author platform. Submit your book, videos, articles, blog posts and other content and our social engine will promote it FREE to up to 3 million potential readers per day.  You have access to podcasts, webinars and videos on writing and book promotion. Read More

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Why we are different promocave

So what’s the story?

Jorge Olson founded Promocave.com six years ago when he was writing his first book. He wanted to ask other writers about writing, publishing, and promoting books. After collaborating on social media with thousands of authors he was soon mentoring many of them on promotion and building their platform.  This is when he created Promocave.com.  Jorge has been in the branding biz for twenty years and now applies his platform building knowledge to books and writers.

Promocave.com now has over 150,000 authors and up to 3 million social interactions per day including views, likes, posts, impressions and more.

The first five times Promocave.com announced it was live it got so much traffic from the social media accounts that all five times it broke the site.  We’ve never announced anything since!

Why the name Promocave?

Yes, we get asked this question all the time.  The name Promocave is a philosophical symbolism form one of Jorge Olson’s books. In short, it has to do with Karma.

Meet the Management Team

Jorge Olson Promocave

Jorge S. Olson

“I’m an eternal teenager futurist super geek”

Jorge S. Olson is the founder of Promocave.com. He’s been working with authors for more than six years and started writing at twelve years old.  Jorge writes both fiction and non-fiction books and he’s passionate about how authors will change the world.

Jorge reads every single day and tries to write every day as well. He records a weekly podcast for authors and works with several writers helping them create their author platform.  Professionally, he’s been at C-level positions in software and consumer goods companies for almost 20 years.

Jorge is passionate about art, business, change, self-improvement and social evolution.  He wants to live and experience as much as possible and prays to live long enough to write about it.  He now resides in San Diego, California where he is working on achieving his lifelong dream of writing to make a difference, to influence and evoke strong feelings and deep thought from readers.

Amilcar Pasos Gus Promocave

Amilcar “Gus” Pasos

“When challenge challenge me,
I challenge challenge”

Amilcar Pasos, AKA Gus, helps authors build their platform with personalized attention and many times even hand-holding. He interacts with authors on Promocave.com and Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and many other social platforms. He’ll help you upload your book, articles and get the most out of the Promocave’s free tools.

Amilcar & Jorge go way back. I mean, like, since the early days of pre-history.  They grew up together since teenagers and can still stand each other.  Amilcar takes his work too seriously but is not so sure about the big bang theory.  If he’s not helping authors he’s walking on the beach five times per week listening to Depeche Mode, OMD or one of those 80’s techno groups.

Enrique Gonzalez neiruq promocave

Enrique González

“Autobots, transform and roll out”

Enrique Gonzalez is a Project Manager and Social Media Specialist at Promocave.com. He helps more than 150,000 authors promote their books using online marketing, social media and publicity. Enrique works with authors all day every day and is very passionate about books and writers. Enrique has up to 3 Million Social Interactions per day on social media. All authors can upload and promote their book for free in Promocave.com.

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5 Things Authors Should Do First on Promocave

The first thing to do as a writer is to register on the site. Here is the link to register.  Registration is free and it allows you to take full advantage of all the networking, marketing, contests and social media promotions we have to offer.

When you register please fill out your author and book profile completely with all your social media contacts, your author biography, and all information on your book. Don’t forget your photograph and book cover artwork.  This is not for me, this is all for you!  The more information you fill out the more you’ll benefit from our book marketing automation machine.

Don’t forget to opt-in to the newsletter. It’s here for you, to tell you about important events, strategies and case studies that will help you be a better author and sell more books.

Now that you’re registered you need to submit your book to Promocave Here is the link.  The moment you submit your book (yes this is also free) our marketing elves push it into more than fifty social engines, our staff tweets about it, talks about it, pins it on Pinterest, Facebook, and many other secret places.  You’ll get more from posting your book with us that all other book directories, combined.

You can be as active as you want on Promocave and we’ll promote all your content.  Do you want to post an article per day? No problem.  Would you like to share a podcast, video, or a page from your book every week?  Yes, we’ll promote all your content.  This is why we’re here, to help you, the author, build your platform.  You’ll even get some special gifts when you become an official contributor.  Want to learn more, just start contributing and we’ll contact you.

The way you contribute is by logging into your account and sharing content from your profile.  Don’t forget to befriend other authors and readers. This way you get an immediate following from inside the Promocave community.

The podcast is out every Thursday on Promocave, iTunes, YouTube and many other networks.  Let us entertain you with interviews and tribulations from the lives of writers from all over the world. (provide link to iTunes channel, promocave podcast, and youtube ).  The topics are very author oriented. Discussing not just books, stiles and stories, but the life of writers. Why do writers write, how do they write, what is their inspiration and what are their struggles.

— A. Hope Literature (@IndieWaltz) March 18, 2015

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