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Why should you upload your book to Promocave?

Simple, when you post your book on another site, any other book website or social media site, even your website, the traditional marketing strategy is to get people to that site.  All the marketing, the effort, is to get people to that site.

Sounds like an easy strategy. List your book on your website, a directory or two and, and presto, you’re ready for sales, right? Wrong!  For people to find you on your website, the book directory or even they have to search for you or your book by name. That means you’re already famous!

If you’re not famous then keep reading…

Yes, you can list your book on your website, online bookstores, social media and 100 or even 1,000 book directories and websites and have zero sales. What’s the problem with this strategy? Potential readers are probably not searching for you or your book, otherwise you’re already a best seller.

So what to do?  This is when you go to You see, our goal is not to bring people to our website, our goal is for readers to find you.  It’s a whole new strategy, one that doesn’t make sense if we’re just in it for the money, but because we’re not, and we care about authors and books, this makes total sense.

How we promote your book

How we promote your book on our social channels around the internet.

When you post your book, article, post, picture, video or any other type of content we push your content to fifty different social media portals several times per week. This means your content has the potential to be found by millions of people. The more content you post, the more people will see it.  We have up to to 3 million social interactions per day.   We don’t try to bring this people to our website, we try to make them buy and read your book, or at least follow you and be part of your author platform.

Let me give you an example, our twitter account promocave is a very popular account with authors. The hashtag #promocave is one of the most popular hashtags for books and for writers in all of twitter with millions of views every month.  When you list your book for free on we announce it on our twitter account using our hashtags as well as a combination of other hashtags popular with book readers. We don’t just use any hashtag, we target the potential readers of your book by category or genre.  We then add images and pins for pinterest, facebook, and other places in order to get backlinks to your book. This boosts your book in Google searches by category, like romance, or science fiction, not just by the tittle of the book.    This is just one thing we do, for free, for your book.  We work on many super-secret strategies every day to promote your book.

What to do next?

Register to Promocave, fill out all your author information and book information. The more you provide the more marketing you’ll get.  Provide a book cover photo and even your author photo. Readers love to see photos and even videos of their favorite authors.  Remember, they are spending many hours with you.

Once you uploaded your book we’ll start promoting it every single day. But you don’t have to stop there. Come back at least once per week (twice is better) and provide content. You can post articles, pages or chapters of your book, videos, audios or podcasts or short stories.  Every single time you post new content we’ll start your promotion again. You can do it every day if you want. It’s free.  This will not only help sell a few books to new readers, it will help build your author platform for future sales.  Need more readers and more book sales, post more content.

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