The Attic Dweller

Scintillating living novel of erotic horror, The Attic Dweller begins and never lets the reader go, a dangerous and omniscient presence, Sport, so called, enters through Hollywood’s back doors, there meeting Elon, a famous Movie Star, and soon a relationship is gained all to the consternation of Elon’s Model Girlfriend, Trish.

The Famous are peppered throughout without respect to preamble or preconceived notions.

Can you find out who they are?

Certainly not for those looking for easy plot lines or simple endings, no, The Attic Dweller, is unique, real life writing by Clay Scott Brown…

Intrigue and excitement mark it’s pages with a bold flow that doesn’t conform to novelistic structure but rather to a free flow imagination, and visceral depth that perplexes the a simpler reader’s mind and stance.

So beware before entering!

Please do enjoy this First Part of the Attic Dweller, Part II is coming soon!


Clay Scott Brown

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