Author Picture

Alexandra Psaropoulou

Born on the 12th August 1966 in Athens, Greece in the year of the horse of fire. At the age of 16 she went to England to continue
her studies at St. Mary’s in Wiltshire and Anglia Ruskin in Cambridge. She lived in Paris for a year and New York for a year, before returning to Greece to settle. Her father was a renowned poet and author and had a very well-known, successful publishing company in Greece. Her mother was a ballet dancer and ballet critic and teacher as well as president of the Dance Union in Greece.
Her brother is a well-known journalist working for CNN and Al Jazeira. Her family social circles, ever since a little girl, were rich with artists, writers and academics. She lives with her husband Takis Fakinos, a classical guitar soloist, and her four children outside of Athens by the sea and works as an English teacher. She has published six books in Greece. Alexandra has been writing and illustrating books ever since she was nine years old, publishing her first book at the age of twenty, and evolving her poetic and designing style ever since. Flo Conway, chief editor of Stillpoint Press in New York recommends “Alexandra
as a visual, poetic artist and personality on the cutting edge of a young, new global sensibility.”