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Arielle Namenyi

Arielle Namenyi (born the 1 of August 1990) is an American writer and artist, working freelance and also owning a line of Christian graphic novels and books including, The Pony Express (2014), graphic novel. Frequently described as one of the best graphic novel writers, she has been called "one of the best artists in America".

Namenyi started writing books for children at a young age, and published her first comic book in 2007, Aussietracks: Daniel Dingo and the Case of the Stolen Fish (2007). Since then she has been illustrating for a number of books and took part in many art projects, including (but not limited to) product art, business art, event/promotional art, portraits, book illustrations, logo/graphic designs, character designs, storyboard animation, video editing, photo editing, etc. She also was a writer for a church newsletter for the Apostolic Christian Church Messenger, and currently creates comics and graphics for the "Seed Sower" magazine.

Namenyi is a Christian and currently creates graphic novels under the "A.N. Christian Comics" series that artistically tells analogical stories that have been inspired by verses from the Bible. "The Pony Express" is her first book in the "A.N. Christian Comics" graphic novel line, but she also offers free books and other material on her website,

Namenyi currently lives in San Diego, California, along with her husband Norbert Namenyi.