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Brian Dobbins

Brian Dobbins currently has four novels out; two in "The Jasmine And Sam Chronicles" ("Jasmine's Tale: Darkness and Light", "Witch's Cartel" - urban fantasy/witchcraft/detective) and two in the "Corryville" Series ("Corryville", "Hard Luck on the Corryville Trail" - western).

A short story, "A Dead Husband in a Western Town" (featuring Moses White from the "Corryville" series) is now being made into a film of the same name by Garnet Films, due out in Autumn of 2015. He is currently working on the screenplay for that film, and the third installment of "The Jasmine And Sam Chronicles".

Brian Dobbins has had a wide variety of experiences, from stock boy to bartender, artist and writer to videographer, graphic designer to bouncer to salesman to factory worker to restaurant manager to... so on. He attempts to draw on this varied background to spin tales of strong characters in unusual situations. He has written everything from comic books to magazine articles to short stories to novels.