Author Picture

Chad Stambaugh

Chad Stambaugh is a Multiple Award winner;
* 4 time Paranormal Award winner for Non-Fiction book of the year,
* Authors First Anthology winner for Short Story adaptation. (2015)
* Paranormal Radio Show of the year (2015)
* The IPAA Award (The International Paranormal Acknowledgement Awards)
* The IPAA is a special award based on the hard work, focus, personal merit and dedication to the field of the paranormal.
* Second American to ever win this award.

Because of his strong advocacy for more education in the paranormal field, he's created a complete new training series of DVD's; Paranormal 101, 102,The Paranormal Safety and Paranormal Ethics. All sold on Amazon. Chad has started his own Educational Radio Show, The Paranormal Round Table. It can be found on It's on every Thursday at 5pm pacific, 8pm eastern.