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David Oludotun Fasanya

David Oludotun Fasanya was born in Zambia and nurtured across Africa and Europe. With over 20 years experience navigating tough 'uncharted jungle like' business territories in developing and developed countries, he has successfully co-founded, managed or invested in diverse businesses. 'Way of the Junglepreneur was partly inspired by the experiences and business scars of the author in these various tough business environments. The book finally crystallized after a life changing encounter he had with a street trader while on a charity and business visit to Accra, Ghana some years ago and it gives a fresh perspective on navigating through tough business ecosystems and terrains as dense as tropical jungles.

David holds 4 degrees including an MSc. with Distinction in International Business and Finance from Leicester Business School, UK and is a subject matter expert in organisational development and global strategic management. He is a featured guest columnist in leading business magazines and functions as an adviser, speaker and facilitator. David is presently the Chief Terrain Officer at The Junglepreneur Group which brings together clusters of enterprise, knowledge, ideas, training and people concerned with Junglepreneurship. David O. Fasanya is also the visionary behind 'Thinking Without the Box - The Retina Perspective' which has now become a leading management and innovation tool for business leaders globally.

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