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Divya Vinai Shah was born in Harare, Zimbabwe and now lives with her husband in England. From a young age, her passion for reading has given her wonderful opportunities to grow and explore a variety of subjects like knowing God, delving into spirituality, grasping the magic of the Universal Laws. Her cosmopolitan upbringing over 3 continents, gave her access to myriad of ancient teachings. A keen meditater since the age of nine, she learnt how to comprehend and grow herself with the help of her innate qualities. Her researches lead her to explore nature's ability to heal our body and mind in totality.

In her book she has shared twenty-three years of experience on some of the most intriguing concepts that have given her profound results and which has compelled her to write this book. The Soul Frequencies - the road map of life.

She trusts the source of these insights and knows them as God's given gifts, for her to share with our world. Her intuitive ability makes her wisdom resonate with all.