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Edward R. Cook

For many years I was a hard working businessman doing physical outdoor work. I was also an active athlete who enjoyed being young physically and spiritually. It all came crashing down on me when at the age of 46, I developed osteoarthritis. I tried many things to find relief and rejuvenate my body. I was in a dark place for awhile losing many of my pleasures and my ability to provide. Doctors told me that my arthritis could be managed but that it wouldn't get any better. Well IT DID GET BETTER, because I did something about it. I have found methods that have dramatically improved my life, and I want to share these methods with others so that they can improve their own lives. I have found a fulfilling second career as an author, educator, and advocate.
I'm currently speaking about, and promoting Arthritis and Marijuana, and working on my next books, Bucket List Swim Holes of Central New York, and Single Father- The Joys and Hardships. Good health to all.