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Ellen L. Buikema, M.Ed.

I have always been interested in many areas, too many really. I still have trouble deciding what I want to do when I grow up. I have interests in herbal medicine, art, music, dance, neuroscience, psychology, science fiction, astrology, Reiki, Quantum Touch, experimental cooking and chocolate. I love to read and write. Sometimes the Muse strikes and I need to write--right away.

My two children showed me how interesting young people can be. When they were four and six, I went back to school to learn more about child growth and development, and received a Masters of Education and a teaching certificate. We all did our homework together. Later, I would veer over to Special Education. I taught preschool through seventh grade, as well as adult education for many years. I once had a grandmother and grandson in my Psychology 101 course--fighting for the highest A. People are funny. Preschoolers are hilarious!

After moving to Arizona, I found the most amazing group of people with whom I share a love of writing. Since working with this group, I've published short stories, poetry, and have completed my first book Parenting: A Work in Progress. Another book is brewing in my brain.

I live in Arizona with my husband and our two dogs.