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Helen Fox

Helen Fox. I live in North London close to a beautiful park where you’ll find me feeding the squirrels and birds. I love all birds but I am particularly drawn to crows for though they are the least loved of all birds, they are very intelligent and charismatic. My story was inspired by a crow family I got to “know” during my daily walks in the Park. I used to see two adult crows and a young one at the same spot every time I went to feed them. When one would take off the grass the other two would follow suit so I gathered they must be a family; father, mother and perhaps their son?
One afternoon my crows weren’t there and as I sat on the bench and waited, the young one appeared on the grass trotting anxiously around. A minute later he took to the sky carking his little throat out. Was he calling his parents? Were his carks cries of fear and despair, had his parents abandoned him or even worse been killed?
It was this very scene that inspired me to write ‘George the Orphan Crow and the creatures of Blossom Valley.’