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J.P. Sexton

The Irish are known throughout the world as being consummate story tellers. Very few of us are even conscious of our ability to tell a good story. It is completely natural. Over the years I would occasionally meet up with my brother after one of my adventures around the world and inevitably he would want to hear stories. I obliged without thinking. I thought nothing of it until one time he told me that when I told him a story, he felt as if he was in the story with me, seeing everything I had seen, through my eyes.
"The Big Yank" grew organically in such a way, with no preconceived thoughts of writing a memoir. I was surprised to realize that people from all walks of life and corners of the world enjoyed hearing the strange stories of a boy growing up in Ireland. It was an incredibly interesting experience for me to read what I was writing. Although I lived this life first-hand, it was the first time I had been able to view my life as a journey. A crazy, non-typical Irish boy's journey through childhood. A childhood which often failed to recognize me as a child.