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Janice Almond

As a first-time author, I am excited about the journey I am embarking on with readers like you from around the world.

Having been a pastor's wife, high school English teacher, community college professor, and involved in men's prison ministry, I have witnessed a myriad of human interactions that have positioned me to understand and communicate the behaviors that drive some toward success, and those that keep others in a slump.

I've had the privilege of traveling around Europe, joining Toastmasters, and receiving a B.A. degree in Communication Studies from UCLA during the John Wooden basketball years (1970's).

Later, I earned two Master's degrees in Education, Multicultural Education and Educational Administration. Having spent more than a decade in education, it became my passion to share insights to better prepare students for life and to help them develop strong character. Now, it is my passion to share these lessons with the world.

My hope is that my works inspire, uplift, and encourage you to fulfill your full potential, and to live a life of purpose. I would LOVE to hear from you. Helping others to experience and achieve true emotional freedom and abundance is my goal and the reason I write.