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Jason R Jones was born September 1975 and grew up in Monroe, Wisconsin. He is an honorable veteran of the United States Marine Corps, a saber fencing enthusiast, and a loving father to his sons, Alexander and Adonis. The love of his life, Blanca, keeps him very busy as well. His flare for short stories, poetry, drama, and fantasy has existed since he can remember. Jason is the oldest of four siblings; comprised of himself, Jeremy, Anya, and Cody and he has resided in Southwest Florida for over a decade. Interests in fine dining, music, meditation, ancient history, movies, world religion, and mythology keep him very busy and inspired. In writing, he plans to bring out many tales of his own life hidden deep within his fantasy tales. An epic saga over ten years in the making, the novel "of Spiders and Falcons" is the first of eighteen in his series "The Exodus Sagas", followed by "of Dragons and Crowns", and soon "of Ghosts and Mountains", then lastly "of Moons and Myth" to finish up the first quartet. Book V, "from Tower to Temple" is expected in spring 2013.