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The author JC Johnson, creator of Amazon's highly recommended Woman vs Womaniser and The Teenage Compass. Visit his website at to purchase and learn more about his books.

Johnson helps young people evolve their mind, with a specific focus on empowering women, freethinking, self-belief and the formation of new attitudes. Readers have found his books an eye opener, very honest and startlingly reflective of their own situations in life. .

Woman vs Womaniser offers a straight forward, no bars, bold insight that allows women to look through the eyes and the mind of a man. It has answered the questions many have required for closure in their past relationships, and simultaneously helps women understand and go beyond the perception of their own actions.

The Teenage Compass while still very direct, offers an insight to forming your direction in life whether inexperienced or wanting to make sense of your experiences and future ahead. Highly recommended for teenagers and young adults. Also purchased by Parents for their children, as a pocket guide to fulfilling their true potential.

It is JC Johnson's desire to continue to encourage young people to let go and stop defining their mental boundaries, so that they may achieve more than they can currently imagine.

Johnson, reflecting and practicing what he writes, is his own poster child for his products, there is no better recommendation. Discover what has turned the lives of so many around and find out what it could do for you.