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Jim Mackie

I'm an ageing piano man, born in Glasgow and now living mainly in southern Spain in the weird and wonderful province of Almería within the huge region of Andalucia. I came here in 2007 with the idea of saying "YES!" to every chance to perform music. My book "Boogieman and his cat in Andalucia" is full of anecdotes about my many weird and wacky gigs.

I'm still performing, doing solo piano gigs where I wing it by improvising on whatever tunes come into my head. I also play jazz gigs, and I'm performing my Boogieman Show and getting away with a wee bit of singing! And I'm working with two blues singers, a mezzo-soprano and a wonderful young(ish) lass doing pop songs and musical theatre material. When I'm not doing that, I'll be playing at jam sessions or going to shows. I'm involved in helping to promote flamenco in our area and there's a monthly flamenco club with authentic gypsy musicians and dancers.