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K.D. Sanders

K.D. Sanders is an award-winning writer, drummer and former employee of legendary Tower Records on Sunset Boulevard. He was born in Miami, Florida on Halloween and raised in the Florida Keys. He moved to California for a better opportunity when he was 20 years of age. There he worked with Fortune 500 companies, numerous celebrities and toured the U.S and Canada as a road manager. His story has been featured in newspapers such as the Corsair, Santa Monica College and the Key West Citizen. His first memoir, "Where Did My Life Go?: A Towering Experience" recounts various experiences including many celebrity encounters while working at Tower Records for 3 years after his band broke up and living alone in his van before the record store went out of business. The short story is now available with future short stories to follow to continue the memoir series, "Where Did My Life Go?" Follow the author on Twitter @MemoirBook

Old school country band, Fall Down Daddy was founded by lyricist K.D. Sanders. The sound is reminiscent of Hank Williams Sr with a dash of Johnny Cash.

K.D. was the drummer for several bands in San Francisco before moving to Los Angeles with one of the bands to "make it" in the music business. The band broke up just a few months later. The other members went back to San Francisco while Kevin remained in L.A. sleeping in his 1973 Volkswagen van. He landed a job at the legendary Tower records on Sunset Blvd. (a place where Rivers Cuomo of Weezer once worked as well as Axl & Slash from Guns n' Roses @ Tower Video across the street)

K.D. worked at Tower records on the famous Sunset Strip while living in his van for over 3 years until that one fateful day when his van was towed away. With nowhere else to go, he slept behind Tower records continuing to work at the record store. After declining sales of CD's and the power of the Internet, the unthinkable happened, Tower records went out of business. He didn't know what to do, as he was band less, homeless and now job less he decided to take a Greyhound bus 3,000 miles back to his hometown in the Florida Keys. Always writing poems and lyrics in hopes that he could make a song one day with his words. He paid a production company 200 dollars to put music to his lyrics for the song, "Alcohol Call" recorded by David Fox (guitar/vocals) of Magic Key Productions.

The song, "Alcohol Call" has been released, although K.D. remains band less, job less and homeless in his hometown in the Florida Keys he also remains optimistic, thankful and hopeful that he has a song and stories to release to the world that just might change his current living situation as well as others in need of help. He gives thanks to his Creator with whom all things are possible and is grateful for the gifts that have been betowed upon him so that he may share his words to the world!! Thank you for reading the words God has given me to give to you.