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Mary Coley

So happy to announce that my second mystery, Ant Dens, is a finalist in this year's Oklahoma Book Award for Fiction, sponsored by the Oklahoma Department of Libraries. Winner to be announced April 9.

My first two mysteries were both finalists in the 2015 New Mexico/Arizona Book Awards! Quite an honor, with 1400 books entered in 40+ categories. Cobwebs was nominated in the First Book category and Ant Dens in the mystery/suspense category. The winners were announced November 20.

In May 2015, Cobwebs: A Suspense Novel, was selected as the winner of the 2015 Creative Women of Oklahoma Award for Young Adult Books by Delta Kappa Gamma Society, Gamma State. Although I have not promoted Cobwebs as a Young Adult novel, the novel, which features no sex, violence or bad language, fits the criteria.

And the third in this series is here! Order Beehives on Amazon in trade paperback or ebook now!!

Doesn't everyone have secrets? I'm sure they do - but the most irritating ones are the ones your own loved ones keep from you. Whether it is an elderly aunt, your mother, sister or husband, those secrets eat away at you. Why don't they trust me enough to tell me? you wonder. Jamie Aldrich, my main character, is no exception.

In Beehives (Book 3) Jamie is back in Oklahoma with Sam, her fiance, and they are planning their wedding. During a hike in the woods, they discover the body of the park's resident recluse. The next day, an old inscription links Jamie's mother to the park. What secret is her mother hiding this time? Her mother's secret first love ... a hermit's terror ... gangster's loot. Can Jamie uncover the connection between the three before the past comes back to kill her?

In Book 1, Cobwebs, the secret was her great aunt's early life. Something dastardly was done to this aunt, and she carried her secret close to her heart. The book is set in Pawhuska, located in Osage County Oklahoma, a place which is haunted by a horrible history, and was the location of the first case ever assigned to a new federal agency, The FBI, in the 1920s.

In Ant Dens: A Suspense Novel, Book 2, the secret is that of Jamie's deceased husband. Orphaned while in elementary school, he never talked much about his family of origin, only about his adoptive aunt and her husband. It takes a disaster - the disappearance of his daughter - to get Jamie to dig into the tunnels hidden below the surface of her dead husband's life.

Ant Dens is set in the area in and around Las Vegas, New Mexico, a place with a fascinating western history. A railroad town on the Santa Fe trail, the place is also near Montezuma's Castle and Hot Springs, once a major travel destination from the 1890s through the turn of the century.

I'm a nature lover and an environmental educator as well as a fiction writer. I split my year between my home in Oklahoma (Tulsa) and north central New Mexico. In both locations, I find inspiration from the clouds, the sky, the trees and the hills.

My family includes my husband, five adult children, two granddaughters, a grandson and one dog, Trixie.