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Swaminathan Annamalai is an NISM certified research analyst. He completed his Masters in Computer & Information Networks from University of Essex, UK. He began trading and investing in the Indian stock market during his undergraduate days and through the income generated from investing, he was able to take care of his own expenses. Through consistent stock trading, he was able to become financially free - i.e., the passive income he generated was much more than his expenses.
Despite being a successful businessman, he realized that irrespective of your profession, you must have at least one steady source of passive income; and the stock market perfectly fits that bill, because, when done right, it is one of the best places to earn a consistent passive income in a relaxed way.
The author’s curiosity of the stock market led him to learn about it even as a child. Mr. Warren Buffet became an inspiration to him. He began attending seminars and reading books about stock market and stock market legends. The more he learnt, the more he began to fall in love with the stock market and it became his passion.
His journey began when the author’s father enlisted his help to exchange all his physical shares in the dematerialised format (because of SEBI’s rule about trading in the dematerialised format). He is indebted to his father for this, because what began as a simple gesture of helping his father transformed into a deep learning experience where he fell in love with the stock market and now, eighteen years later, has gained enough knowledge and experience to write a book about it.
The author lives in Chennai with his wife, Alamu, daughter Meenal and son Arjun Saminathann. Apart from spending his time trading shares, the author loves to travel, indulge in nature and plays chess.