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Nick Pirog

Things people want to know about me:

How old am I?


Where do I live?

San Diego.

Where do I write?

In my bed . . . at night . . . with dogs crawling all over me.

What is my favorite book of mine? And why?

Probably Gray Matter or Oz. Because they were the hardest to write.

Did I study creative writing in college?

No. I have a Business Degree from Colorado State, but I didn't go to much class, and if I did, I would read a book the entire time.

Did I always want to be writer?

Yes. Since reading Matilda when I was ten.

What authors most influenced my style?

Nelson DeMille, John Grisham, Janet Evanovich, Michael Crichton, among others...

What are my favorite books?

1) To Kill a Mockingbird
2) The Giver
3) Timeline
4) Plum Island
5) The Testament

What do I do when I'm not writing?

Surf, read, run, play with my dogs, sleep...

What does the "Believe" tattoo on your forearm mean?

It reminds me to believe in myself, in God, and in what I write.

What about the small 'dream' and the big 'DREAM' tattooed on your other forearm?

It reminds me to dream both big and small, to celebrate the small things, but also strive for the impossible.

Are your eyes really that blue?

Yes, yes they are.

Am I Thomas Prescott?

No. Though we do have the same sense of humor. I am more like Maddy Young.

What am I working on next?

I'm writing two more 3 a.m. adventures with Henry Bins then I'm gonna get cracking on Thomas Prescott #4, Walking in Memphis. (Thomas goes to Memphis to re-investigate the assassination of MLK. Gonna be epic.) Look for it sometime in 2016.

This has been "Things people want to know about me" with Nick Pirog.