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Paul Stuart Hayes

Paul Stuart Hayes was born and raised in South London, but now predominantly lives in Ireland with his wife and two children. He has always had a penchant for writing but until recently work commitments were constantly getting in the way of his creativity. When he lost his job in 2011 it gave him the impetus he needed and he completed his first book, 'Requiem for Sherlock Holmes' within a year. He chose to write Sherlock Holmes stories as the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle have been with him from a very early age (his father being responsible for introducing him to the great detective) and it seemed to be the perfect setting to start with.
His greatest challenge whilst writing was making the stories fit into the world that Conan Doyle had so expertly created and that they did not contradict anything previously written by the original author. To achieve this, a great amount of research was needed and the end result is something that pleases Paul greatly.
Although he is currently hard at work writing the follow up to 'Requiem for Sherlock Holmes' he has found time to pen introductions to 'The Theatrical Sherlock Holmes' and 'Mysteries and Adventures', both published by Hidden Tiger books and available at Amazon sites across Europe and America. He has also submitted pieces for both volumes of 'You & Who: Contact Has Been Made', two Doctor Who themed books available from Miwk Publishing.