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Perri Forrest

For those into astrology, I'll lead with this: I am a Leo. Does that say enough? No? Well, I'll give you more.

I have a true love affair with the words that I write. I don't merely produce them, they really mean something to me. They are my children. I conceive them, I nurture them, and then I birth them to the world with hopes that the world will appreciate them just as much as I do.

I love to lounge with a fleece blanket in front of the TV watching movies while I tap away at the keys on my laptop. Most often you'll find me in really cute sweatpants with a fitted graphic tee, matching footies, and some form of a ponytail...sometimes neat and sometimes pretty sloppy. Oh! And I'm obsessed with Disneyland and Peach Cobbler!

Whatever else you wanna know, please ask. I'm very approachable.