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Rafika Soaries

I am a mother and former educator living in New York. It was my experience as a mom that inspired me to write The Fluffs Present the Alphabet. My son and I enjoyed reading many books together. Just seeing the joy he had when I read to him was one of the best experiences!. He would point to objects and try to say the word after I read it to him. This was the beginning of his literary learning experience. I am also an educator with experience working in New York City public school as an elementary school teacher and in New York State as a high school English teacher. My preparation began at Medgar Evers College, Brooklyn College, and at Long Island University/ CW Post and continues as a doctoral student at Nova Southeastern University. My doctoral studies focus on instructional technology and distance education. I also trained teachers on how to integrate technology into the curriculum for over eight years. I am passionate about reading, especially for children because books, stories, stimulate creativity, curiosity, and most important imagination. I truly believe that books will forever matter!