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Samya Boxberger-Oberoi

Author of The Philosophy and Science of Yoga: The Power of Self-Expression 5,000 Years in the Making, Samya was born in France. She is a citizen of the world, loves to travel, and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her academic background is in linguistics and literature. She earned her master's degree at the University of South Carolina and pursued her doctoral studies for a couple of years at the University of Texas while holding teaching and research assistantships that paid for her studies. She fell in love with technology and moved to the Silicon Valley. She applied her academic knowledge to the software industry and became a successful software executive.

Burnt out after chasing one dream, Samya revisited her driving motto: "All dreams must come true." She traveled to Dharamsala located at the foothills of the Himalayas to pursue her dream of practicing yoga in this ancient land. While in India, she completed two accredited Yoga Teacher Certifications. Her daily practices of mantras, breathing techniques (pranayama), physical yogic exercises (poses or asanas), meditation along with her study of Ayurveda principles, yoga anatomy, and other yogic knowledge gave Samya an in-depth understanding of this ancient art. Living in an ashram, she studied with local yogis and Ayurveda professionals.

Upon her return to the San Francisco Bay Area, Samya felt rejuvenated and decided to share her passion for yoga. She used her linguistics background and her training to decode ancient manuscripts and bring to life the yogic quest of self-expression in a must-read book that is sure to delight audiences worldwide. As Samya continues to pursue her quest, she is proud to share her first book with her readers.