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Steve Wright

My interest in WW2 comes from my uncle, S/Sgt Billy Marfleet, who was a British Glider Pilot. He died when his glider crashed into the Channel on the night of 5/6 June 1944. I wanted to know more about Billy's experiences as a Glider Pilot, so I started my research. This led to 'One Night In June', which tells the story of the operation in which he was involved.

My interest in Airborne Forces grew and my continued research led to reading about Operation Varsity. There wasn't a great deal of information on this pivotal event, and the only book on the whole operation was in German. So, I continued my research, contacted archives and veterans and 'The Last Drop' is the result.

I am currently working on my next Airborne book.

I also have an interest in the English Civil Wars and an E-book version of my booklet on Birmingham in the First English Civil War is now available