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Suzette Belmont

Suzette Belmont is a realist and an optimist. Her love for reading crosses many genres, but she has a yearning for happy endings. Growing up in the tropical paradise of the Caribbean she always had her nose in a book earning her father’s comment that his electricity bill always went up when she was at home and in later years she received a badge from her younger sister that stated “I read pass my bedtime”. Writing fiction has been a lifelong personal passion. Her world of work has allowed her to travel around the globe and having lived in six different countries across North America and Europe gives her lots of material as backdrops for her stories. Her first works published were in academia so Suzette Belmont is her nom de plume for fiction. She loves writing contemporary romance about love, second chances, family building and shared values. She sees beyond the surface to the connections that we make in life and some of the seemingly small things that bind us together.