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Terry Grigg

Terry is a writer, environmental campaigner, gardener and anti-natalist. But for much of the last twenty years he has spent travelling the world. His first major trip was overlanding from Nairobi to Cape Town. Five months in trucks, buses, coaches, pick-ups and God knows what else. Then from Outback Down Under to Uncle Sam’s Backyard and from the Wilds of Patagonia to the Hermit State of North Korea. And many places in between. He now has two travel books to his name; Backpacking With A Bunion, all about South-East Asia and Terry's Travels ... Orcland to the Ottomans, a trip through Australia and New Zealand, as well as much of Asia. This volume is going to be the first of many, as he covers the continents of Africa and the Americas too. He’s started writing about India already.